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Nina Levine Romance

Yours Actually (Only Yours Book 2 - Signed Paperback)

Yours Actually (Only Yours Book 2 - Signed Paperback)

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The playboy and the girl next door.

Best friends since forever.

This was only supposed to be a wedding season as each other’s plus-one, nothing more.

But Callan Black has his hands on me, his eyes on me, and has suddenly become very possessive of me.

Callan is the guy I’ve crushed on since I was a teen.
It’s totally unrequited.
He’s got a type and I’m not it
Except, lately there’s been lots of stolen glances and time spent together.
My life is unraveling and Callan is the one who’s there to help me pick up the pieces.
He’s protective, steadfast, and reliable.
I’ve always wanted him and now he’s showing me a whole other side of himself. He’s showing me a man I could build a future with.
But he’s my best friend.
And the fastest way to ruin a friendship is to throw caution to the wind with a man who doesn’t believe in happily ever afters.

What happens when one wild night with your best friend changes everything?


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