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Nina Levine Romance

Storm MC Book Titles Quote Sticker

Storm MC Book Titles Quote Sticker

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Gloss sticker, 6.5cm square, white background. The wording on the sticker is made up of many of my book titles:

I am a strong and sassy woman with a 

man hellbent on vengeance.

Together we slay our illusive demons.

We weather the storm.

Go down in a blaze of glory only to rise and

torment more than before.

We will never relent.

His wrath, the thing men cower from.

His love, so fierce he can steal my breath.

I risk it all on his command.

Create havoc on his bidding.

Revive his soul when the hurricane

won't relent.

I will be the one to give him absolution.

Despite all your reasons, he will reign.

I will go to battle with him and

we will win this war of hearts.

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