Hello, I'm Nina

I write alpha romances. You know, the books about those bossy men who fall to their knees for the one woman they can't live without. Those kinds of books. 

Some of my favourite things

writing while it's raining, Pilates, cats, concerts, Peloton classes, Patrick Droney, lying in the sun by the pool, travel, swimming, dancing, Keith Urban, donuts, cheese, moscato, clean sheets, live music, Danielle LaPorte, lazy Sundays binge watching tv, book club meet ups, girls' weekends away, deep conversation late into the night, dogs, art journalling, slow stitching, Hawaii, gin, author event weekends, attending writer conferences, the beach, meditation, hanging with my kid, art galleries, poetry, time with my besties, Nashville, Pink, everything Christmas, learning new things, massages, taking my pup on long sniff walks and to the dog beach, tv shows and books that dig into the depths of families and the tangled relationships in them.

How I got to where I am today

I've always written from around the age of twelve. Back then, I used to create my own newspaper and write all the articles for it. I'd photocopy the pages and distribute to my family. The crazy stuff we do as kids! My teens were filled with writing in my journals and then later, I began writing stories.

As I grew and attended uni (don't judge me, but I've started four degrees now and not finished one), had a child and started accumulating all the baggage of life, writing fell to the background. I wrote every now and then, usually finishing a chapter or two and then putting the story back down to get back to life and paying bills. Then came Fifty Shades...

I was obsessed with indie authors after reading Fifty Shades. My nights and weekends were filled with reading and being a part of the indie community online. I pulled my notepads out and began writing again. At that time, I was studying a psychology degree and loving it, but my lifetime dream of publishing a book came back into view as I learned about self publishing. In late 2013, I decided to put my studies on hold to take a shot at making my dream come true. I published Storm on the 21st November that year and haven't looked back. That book sold thousands of copies and then my second book, Fierce, hit the USA Today Bestseller list three months later. I quit my job a couple of months after that and have written full time ever since. I've also been blessed to travel the world meeting readers at signings, and visiting countries I never thought I'd see. 

I was almost 40 when I achieved my dream. Never ever give up on what you want in life.

"Not all who wander are lost." ~ J. R. R. Tolkien 

I travel around the world to book signings most years and love meeting my readers and fellow authors. My assistant (who is also my bestie) travels with me and we have the absolute best time with our readers. I keep an updated list of the events I'll be at on my website if you're ever interested in coming along. We'd love to meet you there!

My team's values

My assistant, Jodie, and I run the online store and manage the publishing arm of my business. Jodie has been working with me since 2015 and we share the same beliefs about how we want to show up in the business world. These are our guiding values:

  • Do everything from the heart
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway
  • Stay open to the Universe
  • Give with soul
  • Seek to understand
  • Deliver on our promises
  • Persevere
  • Don't settle
  • Integrity, always