12 Days of Christmas 2023

Here are the links to all the days of content:
Day One: J & Madison from my book Storm.
Day Two: Scott & Harlow from my books Fierce & Command.
Day Three: Nash & Velvet from my book Revive.
Day Four: King & Lily from my books King's Wrath & King's Reign.
Day Five: Callan & Olivia from my book Yours Actually.
Day Six: Wilder & Scarlett from my book Wilder.
Day Seven: Winter & Birdie from my books Hurricane Hearts & Battle Hearts.
Day Eight: Blade & Layla from my book Slay.
Day Nine: Echo & Colt from my book Colt.
Day Ten: Nitro & Tatum from my book Nitro's Torment.
Day Eleven: Havoc & Carla from my book Havoc.
Day Twelve: Nash & Velvet from my book Revive.